An electrical installation condition report (EICR), or periodic inspection report as they used to be called are often referred to by customers as a Landlord Safety Test or Homebuyers Test.

All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use. They should be inspected and tested at appropriate intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued service.

Do I need an Electrical Installation Condition Report? The simple answer is yes, whether it’s your home, a business or a property you rent out, your electrical installation should always be covered by an in date Electrical Condition Report. Although it’s not a legal requirement to have an Electrical Condition Report many legal documents refer to an Electrical Condition Report as a way of satisfying their requirements. The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) is one example.

Do you know that if you rent out a property and your tenant is electrocuted due to unsafe electrics then you can be prosecuted? Claiming that you were unaware of the condition of the electrical installation is not a defence in law. In many areas, the local council will insist on an Electrical Condition Report for rental properties. Many insurers will also require an Electrical Condition Report before providing cover, especially where workers or the public are concerned.

What Happens During an EICR?

During an EICR, the consumer unit (or fuseboard), wiring and electrical accessories are thoroughly tested and inspected for faults or deviations from the Wiring Standards. Throughout the test, the following will be inspected and tested:

  • The adequacy of the earthing and bonding.
  • Devices for protection against fire and electric shock.
  • Any damage or wear and tear that might affect the safety of the properties inhabitants.
  • Identification of any damaged electrical fittings and accessories.
  • Identification of any exposed live wires that could cause a fire or injury.

An EICR should only be carried out by a skilled and competent registered electrician with the experience to know what they are looking for.

Believe it or not, all electricians are not the same! EICRs require a high level of skill and these skills are only gained after considerable additional training and years of experience.

Richard Grey Electrical Services are registered with NAPIT (The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers). You can find details of our registration on their website.


How Often Should an EICR be Conducted?

Depending on the nature of the premises, guidelines state that an Electrical Installation Condition Report should be carried out at the minimum of:

  • Domestic installations – every 10 years or at a change of occupancy
  • Commercial installations – every 5 years or at change of occupancy
  • Industrial installations – every 3 years
  • Landlord owned residential accommodation – every 5 years or at change of occupancy
  • Offices, shops and laboratories – every 5 years

However, the above is just a guideline and the frequency can depend on a number of other factors, such as the age and quality of the installation, who is using it and how often, guidance from the manufacturer and how well the equipment is maintained.

Buildings used by members of the public, such as schools, hotels, caravans and swimming pools, for example, may require more frequent inspection, but this is something that your specially qualified electrician at EICR Testing can advise you on.

How Can I Book my Electrical Installation Condition Report?

In order to book your Electrical Installation Condition Report, you can give our team a call on 07377 357 575, or you can fill out the enquiry form on our contact page, and one of our team will call you back to discuss your requirements.